Roma Narsinghani’s handcrafted pieces strike an intriguing balance between form and function, with Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage often playing muse. “The Roma Narsinghani woman is sophisticated and bold, someone who actively expresses her cultivated taste and is not afraid to experiment. Each piece is dedicated to showcasing the individuality of the wearer and is painstakingly handcrafted by skilled artisans. With each design, I distil multiple references to create something completely new. My pieces can be bold and striking or whimsical and quirky,” she explains. 


God is in the details.

Each unique piece in the collection is hand crafted by highly skilled, dedicated artisans. 

Traditional craftsmanship is infused into all our pieces and every item in our collection echoes the love and hard work of the hands that made it. Using techniques handed down through generations.


A belief that desirability and sustainability can exist and harmony.

We are dedicated to using the most environmentally friendly materials and processes at every stage of production. 

Our base material is recycled brass which is used for all our pieces. 

How is our brass recycled?

Recycling is a multi-step process starting with collection of the brass scrap generated at our workshop during the course of new product manufacturing, sampling process. 

We send our scraps to our waste management and recycling partner Spas Recycling Private Limited where the metal is sorted using magnets and sensors. This will improve the value of the material by segregating clean metal from the dirty material, It is broken and separated into sizes that can be fed into a furnace. To allow further processing, the metal is shredded.

Shredding is done to promote the melting process as small shredded metals to have a large surface to volume ratio. As a result, they can be melted using comparatively less energy. After which the brass is purified to ensure the final brass is of high quality and free of contaminants. Metal purification uses the electrolysis method. 

After Purifcation, melted metal is carried by a conveyer belt to cool and solidify the brass. 

We receive the brass in the form of solid bricks and is ready to re-use. 

We see ourselves as being part of a community and believe we share a social responsibility to support it. Our policy is not to pay the lowest price from the biggest players in the market, but rather, we support smaller, local individuals; the price is higher but practice is fairer and more sustainable for the community as a whole. 

We take pride in our happy employees, and take their well-being seriously by providing them with a safe working environment, and long-term job security.  We believe in empowering them with new training, skills and responsibility that take them to even greater heights.

We are striving to live-up to a zero waste policy and we are proud to say we are getting closer every day. From finding innovative ways of further using and recycling all our scrap materials, choosing digital formats over printed, choosing recycled paper when necessary, to using eco-friendly packaging for our pieces. We strive to be socially and environmentally responsible whilst producing pieces that are both aesthetically beautiful and functional.


God is in the details.

Our artisans are our family. We work with local artisans in Mumbai and Jaipur. All our jewellers come from generations of fine jewellery makers. 

Our ‘Maestro jeweller’ – Bikash Mondal has been working with us even before the inception of our brand. He is a true magician at his craft and makes the impossible possible. The beautiful part of our growth has been the synergy of learning and ideas; the amalgamation of the contemporary style and vision our founder Roma brings in, with the mastery of traditional techniques of our craftsmen. Creating limitless inspiration and boundless growth for each of us and the brand as a whole.


Sweta Gupta

Head of Production & Executive Designer