New Delhi: As times change, people’s preferences accordingly grow and evolve. Individuality remains a strong priority with people now valuing versatility and diversity in all the aspects of their lives including conceptual jewellery so make sure you are following the right trend.

Roma Narsinghani, Founder, Roma Narsinghani Conceptual Jewellery, and Nishant Tulsinai, Founder of Anaqa Jewels list some options to add versatility in your conceptual jewellery.

* Some of the everyday concept jewellery pieces that are trending:

* Shoulder drop earrings
* Statement geometric brooch
* Concept bobby pins
* Hair buns
* Big Hoops
* Long/ shirt chains
* Minimalistic tennis bracelets
* Stackable bracelets
* Earring studs
* Midi rings

* How to best style these pieces:

* The elegant shoulder duster earrings in the materials ranging from chains, tassels and crystals are perfect to elevate any look

* Brooches have always been a versatile accessory; I believe brooches are a must-have in one’s jewellery box. Brooches are a unisex accessory; thus making it an advantage for the buyer. It depends on how one styles this accessory. It can work as a statement piece on simple white shirt or work as an accessory for your saree, which holds the pallu. The brooches can be used with even bags too. The multi-functionality of just one piece adds so much importance to the accessory

* Concept bobby pins are a fairly new concept that adds that extra glam when worn with a basic white shirt and jeans

* One would imagine buns only being a traditional ornament, but in modern times the utility has increased and is also extended to daily wearing. The buns come with a bun stick which can be worn separately too. Hair buns are a perfect solution to a bad hair day and they look fabulous with an Indian attire or when worn with a basic shift dress

* Big hoops are for the bold dressers, they’re great for day or evening look; they can be worn to the office, college, a party – one can really dress up and dress down a pair of big hoops. It can very easily be made part of one’s daily look and it definitely adds character to any attire

* Long shirt chains add that much needed oomph to a 9-5 office look. They’re minimalistic and simplistic enough to carry one’s look from day to night

* Minimalistic tennis bracelets do well for the ones looking for a classy addition to their wrist. Best worn with a watch and a simple shift dress, formal toursers and shirt with a blazer

* Stackable bracelets are very in vogue. They’re the perfect accessory to accompany your dressed down jeans and t-shirt look. Its elevates one’s entire ensemble, giving it a fun and interesting twist * No one can possibly go wrong with a pair of studs earrings. They’re evergreen! Choose one in an unusual shape to add the much-needed element of quick

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